The Day of Love

Photo Courtesy of Kaylie Wise

Photo Courtesy of Kaylie Wise

Kaylie Wise, News

Valentine’s Day might be the most pointless holiday. That is, for every lonely person without a special someone to spend it with. Answer this, how fun is the holiday when you are single? Is it really enjoyable to sit at home while other people are out on dates and going places with the ones they love? I don’t think so. 

Even if you have a loved one that gives you chocolates and gifts, why do they only do that once a year? I’ve noticed that couples really only give each other things and spend time with each other when it’s Valentine’s Day or another holiday. Every year my mom receives the same chocolate covered strawberries that she loves from my dad. I love them just as much as her, but why is she gifted those sweet fruits only once a year? 

I feel as if most people treat Valentine’s Day as the one day of the year they spoil their partners. Love takes consistency, consistently taking care of each other and showing you care for them. This day was built to remind couples that they are together by giving each other gifts. It makes me wonder if the couples celebrate the holiday to show off their relationship or even just to obtain presents. Is the day only about the gifts? The argument can also be used for other holidays such as Christmas and Easter. As humans, we love to be given objects, but is the “love” we have for those objects greater than the one between us?

I believe it’s great to celebrate love and cherish your relationship. I’m sure there are couples/ people that say this day is their favorite holiday. I get it hearts, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears. I would probably say that as well if I had a significant other but I don’t. 

Maybe partners actually use this day to spend quality time and admire each other. Maybe they don’t even celebrate the holiday. We accept this holiday as the one day of the year that couples have the right to show off. Even if you’re anti-love, nothing will change in the future regarding this day. So treat yourself even if you’re alone. 

Happy belated Valentine’s Day.