Mavs On A Roll!

Mikayla Bell, Watsyn Tibbetts, and Jacob Laff

After winning the last three in a row the Mavs are looking to make a playoff run, and to win their homecoming game.

On September 24th the varsity football team broke their three-game losing streak by finally beating Sherwood with a 28-14 score. “We’re confident and looking to go on a winning streak, and make the playoffs,” said senior Brian Mannion. Mannion, #14, is currently the starting quarterback.

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To begin the 4th quarter against Beaverton the Mavs were down 10-28. Even though the chances were slim, the defense kicked it into gear and didn’t allow a single score from Beaverton for the rest of the game. Feeling the energy from the staggering defense and the electric crowd it was now time for the offense to take over. #33 Caleb Paler ran it in for the first touchdown of the quarter.  

“We are ready to get our season going,” said Paler. The previous win against Sherwood on the 24th of September contributed to the determination that they had against Beaverton.

“We have a lot of energy that we are going to bring forward and try to carry it over towards Beaverton,” said #7 Quinn O’Connor. Carrying over the success from the previous week the team molded together and their practices were improving. 

“Playing Sherwood in a hostile environment and getting the win really [built] our confidence and we’re starting to come together…” said #3 Keenan Speer.

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Even after the Beaverton game the momentum carried and contributed to the win against Sunset, with the Mavs going into overtime against one of the top ten teams in the state. The score was 0-10 in the 4th quarter and the pressure was on. 

The defense really stepped it up which gave the offense a boost. Mavs were up 13-10 with six minutes left in the game. The ball was snapped and #14 Mannion had no one open. He took off, got pulled down at the one-yard line, and picked up the first down. On the second down the Mavs ran it in to go up 20-13. Thinking they had the game won, the Mavs allowed Sunset to score a touchdown. 

Sunset got a crucial stop on defense and with the ball on their own 30-yard line, the game win still seemed attainable for the Mavs. Sunset made a big play and got the ball to the 40-yard line. They set up to kick the field goal while the time was expiring. The ball went straight through the pylons. Now the two teams were into sudden-death overtime with the Mavs getting the ball first.

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After a controversial pass interference call, the Mavs capitalize and score a touchdown. The score was now 27-20 and then it was Sunset’s turn. In only 3 plays Sunset scored the touchdown. The game was now in the kicker’s hands. Sunset snapped the ball and went to kick it: it was no good! Mavs pull off the upset 27-26.

“Everyone is contributing whether it’s putting the work in at practice or getting people ready for the game on Friday and when it comes on Friday everyone does their job,” said Mannion.

 Tonight, the Mavs hope to continue their winning streak and win their first real homecoming game.