Brianne Williams

Addison Kachnick, Staff Reporter

Among the many Humans at Mountainside, is senior Brianne Williams, a promising, unique individual whose name you might not know now, but definitely won’t forget. 

Brianne Wiliams was originally born in California and moved to Tigard, Oregon.

Williams is involved in Mountainside’s HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and BSU (Black Student Union) clubs, as well as being enrolled in Health Careers, a specialized program in Beaverton High school to train in the health and science fields. She plans to pursue a career in either sports medicine or physical therapy. Constantly pushing and raising the bar for herself is something she takes pride in; Challenging herself to become the best version she can be. 

You can find Williams walking the halls during the 5-day school week, but when she has some free time, she allows herself to indulge in vast creative endeavors. 

“My hobbies outside of school are hanging out with friends and family, I like to listen to music…I consider myself a very crafty person, so whatever little crafts and DIYs I can get into.” Williams said. Occasionally, she knits and crochets but when it comes to the limits of what she tries, there are none. Outside of school, you can also find Williams working at her local Jamba Juice, participating in community service events, and attending Mav sports games. As a person, Williams is well-rounded and as a friend, she’s always one you can count on.

Of all her defining characteristics, she proves her friendship to be the most valuable. “I want people to know that I’m loyal, and that whenever they need someone to talk to or vent to, that I’ll be there for them whenever.” Her ability to make people feel comfortable, welcomed, heard and loved is something that makes her special. The people around her know that they have someone that cares about them when they’re around Brianne.

“I want people to know that they’re never alone when they’re around me and they shouldn’t feel alone… I’ll always be there for them”