Peyton Ellis

Anna Hoppenrath, Staff Reporter

Senior at Mountainside High School, Peyton Ellis. 

Senior Peyton Ellis has attended Mountainside for all four years of her high school career. Ellis’ performance on the water polo and swim team during every fall and winter season lead to her being the team captain of both the water polo and swim team which clearly shows her dedication to her school and the teams she is a part of. 

Ellis is adamant about showing her school spirit by supporting our athletics even when she is not playing. Supporting friends at games and going to other school events where her spirit can shine is an important aspect of highschool life for Ellis. Ellis also takes her academics very seriously as well as balancing sports, extracurriculars and school events.

Ellis’ favorite class she is taking in her senior year is her nurse assisting class. In this class she learns important skills and information that could benefit her for her future. “This class is preparing me for greater things for my future, and is helping me get a jump start on my career as a nurse,” said Ellis. Although Ellis loves her nurse assisting class it was not her favorite class throughout all of high school. “My favorite class that I have taken throughout all of high school was my anatomy class my junior year because of the dissections I got to do and all the interesting things that I learned about the human body that will also prepare me for a career in nursing.” 

Ellis’ favorite teacher was her junior year health careers teacher, Ms. Jacobs, from Beaverton Highschool. This teacher gave Ellis a better understanding of material and helped her get where she is today in her classes that are also preparing her for her future.  Ellis plans to further her dream of being a nurse by attending college and studying nursing. At this moment she does not know exactly where she wants to go but has multiple options for nursing school for fall of 2022. 

This individual’s enthusiastic personality and people skills will further Ellis in the nursing field or whatever other endeavors she experiences in her life.