Morgan McGill

Morgan McGill

Alec Conley, Editor-in-chief

Morgan McGill is a Freshman here at Mountainside. They went from sitting in class with friends, 7th grade curriculum, a socialite and friend to many, to entering high school with no idea what to expect. Covid-19 left a lot of kids in the gutter through CDL, and McGill was one of them. Although from the outside point of view this would seem overwhelming, McGill has a more positive, tension easing point of view. “I just thought that everybody else is going through the same thing as me, so I’m not alone,” she said.

Through the pandemic, a lot of us started to rethink our futures, wondering if everything would ever be the same again. Losing out big dreams and settling for more realistic options, more possible alternatives. But even with everything, McGill still has her sights set high, and gladly so. When asked where she thought she’d be in 10 years, she replied, “probably at a 4-year college in New York…studying to get into the real estate business.” 

“I used to want to be a veterinarian but you have to go to school for a pretty long time,” she explained. She went on to say that jobs like that usually take 8-years of college to get into, and that she’s not sure whether that’s something she’d want to do.

Given her chosen path of life, it’s pretty clear that she is pretty courageous as a person. When she tried to describe herself, McGill said that she is, “pretty social,” and “a pretty good person.” In three words to sum up her character she used, “funny, sarcastic, and nice.” Her bubbly personality definitely contributed to her choice in friends who she describes as, “diverse group of friends, with a lot of different personalities”, whom she spends a lot of her time with. McGill said that she doesn’t stick to only one friend group, since she is a pretty sociable person. She describes her life as, “relatively normal, which I think makes me lucky,” she said.

All in all, Morgan McGill is an ambitious person, intelligent student, and more importantly, a good friend. Someone I enjoyed getting to know, and I hope you did, too!