Abby Cillo


Sophia Camacho, staff reporter

Abby Cillo is a sophomore at Mountainside High School that’s very passionate about her hobbies, friends, and family. She likes sports such as basketball, softball, and she enjoys playing badminton. She is also the co-president of MHS’s Badminton Club and started the club with her friend, Peyton Calcagno.  They had noticed that kids at MHS wanted to play badminton because friends and classmates had expressed their interest in the activity but did not have the opportunity to, so they had started the club.

 Cillo loves playing sports and puts a ton of effort and hard work into it. She’s always been involved in sports and has been playing softball since she was in the sixth grade and has recently joined the school’s basketball program. Cillo values a strong bond with teammates and coaches and prioritizes a good connection with her team. “Losses are tough but since you’re so close with your teammates, you bring each other up,” said Cillo. 

When she is not at school or playing a sport, she loves to hang out with friends. She likes to get smoothie bowls, go on drives, have study dates, and hang out with friends at home. Cillo has been snowboarding, and dirt biking since she was young because of the influence her dad had on her. “Growing up I wanted to try out these hobbies since I saw my dad doing them.”

She says that her dad has inspired her to take on these thrilling and fun hobbies and that he is her role model. Cillo says that her dad has been snowboarding and dirt biking since he was a teenager. He got involved in these hobbies because his friend had a skate shop and he loved the activities and has been doing it for a long time. “When I was younger I wanted to try it out so I asked my dad to teach me”. She has developed a passion for the hobby and views it as a good way to bond with her dad.  Because of her dad, Cillo has learned to not be afraid of adventures and to try new things. 

Cillo’s favorite foods are tacos and fruit and she stands by that! Cillo describes herself as a funny, loyal, and nice person who is really approachable. She loves children, especially the ones she babysits, and she loves dogs. 

While there are many students at our school, Abby Cillo is one you know a little more about now and stands out because of her kindness and bright personality.