Advice Column FAQ

Questions you might have about the advice column!


Who is answering, student/teacher/someone else?

A student!


What do you do with the questions?

Questions are looked through for the ones that will be most applicable to other people.


How much detail about the sender is put on the column?

Everything is kept anonymous in the paper; we only have access to what you choose to tell us.


Are there any limits to the topics that can be submitted?

Any situation is welcome to be sent in. They can be as small as what color notebook you should choose for Lit and Comp to a huge life-changing decision.


Would you provide extra resources?

When possible to direct someone to additional resources, those will be highlighted.


What happens if someone else mentions me in what they send in?

All names will be changed or erased to protect everyone’s anonymity, along with anything that could be used to identify a person, such as a position on a sports team or being in a specific club.


How do I know you’re trustworthy and that can give me good advice?

Well, for starters, every question will be handled with care and taken seriously. The goal of the advice column is to give an unbiased opinion to people who are looking for one. It’s not intended to be a place to gossip. Unfortunately, since this is driven through the opinion and knowledge of one person who will never know every facet of you or your situation, perfect advice just won’t happen. (It will always be the goal though!)