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Ben Rejab, Editorial Board

Originally, Benjamin Rejab had not much interest in Journalism. He signed up because he felt he was a strong writer, ultimately finding himself really enjoying the challenges the class brought. Due to his self-reliance he knows that he can take up these challenges alone, but when he finds himself struggling he can always call upon others for support. One thing that Ben says he sometimes struggles with is mathematics. In contrast to math, when discussing history, “It comes to me very naturally for some reason,” he explains. “Cause and effects we learn about in that class are easy for me to understand.” Ben also thrives in writing, hoping ultimately to pursue a career in some field of creative work. Ben always does things with the strong intent of doing it well, taking up hobbies he knows he can perform powerfully. For example, last year he participated in Model UN and Young Asian Leaders of America club, both of which he really enjoyed. One interesting tidbit about Ben is that his favorite animal is the elephant due to their tranquil nature. Lastly, Ben explains that he does not have a particular favorite publication or author, but citing that he's probably biased in his love for The Peak.

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Ben Rejab