A Look at MHS Artwork


Ms. Noah

Art display from the art wing at Mountainside High School

The norm has drastically changed this year and many people are finding they really miss in person school. One of the parts that made up the feeling of in person school was being able to see student artwork walking through the halls. Being able to see the effort fellow peers had put into creating something visually stunning or thought provoking. In an attempt to bring back a bit of that missing norm, here is a collection of some of the artwork done by Mountainside students this school year.


Untitled (Lydia Wise)
See Through the Lens (Nicole Castaneda)
Andy (Justin King)
Untitled (Ivy Gold)
Grady (Alli Abrahamson)
Portrait of an Eye (Ember Schmidt)
Spring Season (Anonymous)
Angie Salon (Anna Kim)
Evan (Elise Narimatsu)
Untitled (Josue Gonzalez Mendoza)
Handy (Emma Carr)

Abstract Portraits

For this project, Ms. Graves relayed that the focus of her student’s work “was value, and how to use value to make drawings look three-dimensional. Students synthesized [their] learning and applied it to create an abstract portrait of someone important to them. Leading up to this project, students learned about light, shadows, and how to create gradual transitions in value from light to dark using a variety of techniques. They also learned the grid transfer method. ” It’s very clear to see when looking through the artwork that the pieces had effort, skill and time put into them.

Atlas Falls (Justin King)
Another Weekend (Ember Schmidt)
New Breed (Nicole Castaneda)
Shut Up (Thy Tran)
Sunny Side Up (Ava Shandy)
More (Brian Nguyen)
Untitled (Laila Serna)
Serpent’s Eye (Nathan Jantze)
Revin My Cj7 (Ava Ebutt)
Seigfried (Connor McElroy)
Candy (Anonymous)
These Dreams (Navy Eriksson)




Don’t You Love Her Madly (Alzhelika Kadirova)
Untitled (Alli Abrahamson)

The Color of My Music (Abstract Expressionist Portraits)

Ms. Graves described that for this project “students synthesized their learning about the Essential Elements of Art (line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space) and different painting techniques, to create a composition based on one of their favorite songs that expresses a mood or feeling.” Being able to listen to the song these projects are based on while looking at the image is truly an amazing experience. It’s a special pairing to link an emotional experience to both a song and an image.