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Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

Dylan Brehm and Rebecca Maritano April 18, 2021

Updated 6/9/21: Ever since the Hybrid option has been introduced, there has been a certain dichotomy in learning. Perhaps even a trichotomy. CDL learners, Hybrid students, and Teachers have had three...

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Coronavirus Curriculum kills/crushes Creativity

Dylan Brehm, Op Ed Reporter March 29, 2021

I believe that the district has taken the best approach it could have in regards to Covid-19 schedule changes. I also believe that students, as a whole, have had to muster and persist to even keep a grade...

Womens Liberation group marches in protest in support of Black Panther Party, New Haven, November, 1969.
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Why Mens Rights issues are Women’s Rights issues, too

Kate Whitcomb, Op Ed Reporter March 16, 2021

Although different feminists will tell you different things, this is how I, and many other women, see it. We can solve the majority of men’s issues if we solve women’s issues, because men’s issues...

Interdisciplinary Implementation

Interdisciplinary Implementation

Dylan Brehm, Op Ed Reporter March 1, 2021

I believe that Mountainside High School should implement more interdisciplinary classes and lessons. This would help both by providing an equitable base of understanding for all students, as well as expose...

Survey results from a sample of 37 MHS students.

Mountainside’s Essential Workers

Cole Bennett, Op Ed Reporter February 23, 2021

With prospects of a Covid-19 vaccine quickly becoming available for most families, student life may finally be returning to normal. Many frustrations have come with the start of Distance Learning: for...

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash. A food delivery sits on a doorstep.

Restaurants and the Pandemic: Are Food Delivery Apps a Blessing or a Burden?

Kate Whitcomb, Op Ed Reporter February 10, 2021

Apps like GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats, and DoorDash have been on the rise ever since their founding, but last year they produced record-breaking numbers due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Doordash alone...

Apprehensive Silence: The Social Media We Don’t Talk About (featured image)

Apprehensive Silence: The Social Media We Don’t Talk About

Anna Pattison, Op-Ed Reporter February 4, 2021

TW: mention of eating disorders, body image, and self-harm You’re in class and your phone buzzes. It’s a notification from one of your social media platforms. You put everything aside for this...

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Daily Dose of Dialect

Dylan Brehm, Op-ed Reporter January 5, 2021

It’s the season of checking lists twice and reviewing the year. While the naughty list is quite long for 2020, there is one aspect that has rejuvenated me in one of my most difficult subjects: Spanish....

Crushing the Conspiracies

Crushing the Conspiracies

Dylan Brehm, Op-ed Reporter December 15, 2020

You would think that, in the midst of the information age, false information and presumptions would have been crushed, long ago. However, more access to information also means more access to misinformation.  We...

Disney Cinema Logo (featured image for Why Disney Remakes Usually Fail)

Why Disney Remakes Usually Fail

Kate Whitcomb, Op-ed Reporter December 14, 2020

Although Disney has had its fair share of controversies, the legacy of Disney is its top-notch animated films. Stories like Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and Wall-E - among others - have propped Disney up,...

Republican elephants and democrat donkey boxing

The Ongoing Debate: Does the Two Party System Need to be Modernized?

Riley Hoerner and Ben Rejab December 7, 2020

Ben:  For years, the American political landscape has been dominated by two parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The power to change US policy lies - almost - exclusively within...

1917: The Beautiful Cinematography of the “One-Shot” Film (Spoilers)

Kate Whitcomb, Op-ed Reporter December 4, 2020

Written and directed by Sam Mendes, 1917 is a film that left me in awe. When it was released back in 2019, I wasn't jumping out of my seat to see it. Whether their plots are fictional or not, I’ve never...

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