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The Student News Site of Mountainside High School

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The Student News Site of Mountainside High School

The Peak

Many LGBTQ+ identifying persons at a rally to protect their rights.

Trans Rights Are A Dying Trend

Alec Conley, Editor-in-chief November 8, 2022

TW//: Mentions of suicide Breaking news, it’s not pride month anymore so you can put away your dollar store flags and start writing some hot and fresh anti-LGBTQ+ legislature. Just like we do every...

School, Bucerius Law. “People Standing in Front of Brown Concrete Building During Daytime.” Unsplash, 24 Aug. 2020,

College: A Must or a Bust?

Katie Fernandez Vargas October 20, 2022

From the very first day of high school till the very last, many students come and go still wondering “What comes after graduation?”  Despite high schools giving many opportunities to learn about college,...

The graph shows a poll of MHS students and how many hours of sleep, on average, they get a night.

ZZZ… Ztart Classes Later

Mikayla Bell, Staff Reporter May 11, 2022

Imagine, you go to sleep at 11:00pm and wake up at 6:00am.  From the moment you wake up, you are expected to perform exceptionally well.  Society tells us to earn competitive GPAs. Enroll in rigorous...


Dear Fashion Industry, You Suck

Maddie Mitchell, Staff Reporter May 11, 2022

Throughout the years the fashion industry has been accused over and over again for not changing the way it perceives plus size fashion, especially in women, low-income fashion, and unfortunately much more.  When...

Lauren Bernett, Sarah Shulze, and Katie Meyer. (Courtesy of NBC News)

Athletes are People, Too

Addison Kachnick, Staff Reporter May 11, 2022

TW: Mentions of suicide and death Katie Meyer. Sarah Shulze. Lauren Bernett. Many strong, courageous, selfless individuals whose memory in the hearts of others will always be bright. An athlete’s...

Students on their phones

Social Media: Not Always a Negative Thing

Kylie Padilla, Design Team & Staff Reporter May 5, 2022

We’ve all heard of social media: everyone uses it; everyone knows what it is. According to Mayo clinic, 97 percent of teenagers between 13-17 years old use social media. But there are many people who...

Confused student

My Thoughts on the American Grading System

Alec Conley, Editor-in-chief May 5, 2022

Since it first came to fruition, the American grading system has almost never been fair. The letters in our grade books have dictated our well-being and livelihood for far too long and it’s time for...

Abortion protest

Hands off my Uterus

Watsyn Tibbetts, Student Reporter May 3, 2022

“Nearly a fourth of women in America will have an abortion by age 45. Every day, people across the United States make deeply personal decisions about their pregnancies. Those decisions deserve respect,”...

Mental health

Do Students Have Anywhere to Go?

Alec Conley and Addison Kachnick February 8, 2022

Another year, another slideshow. With mental health week around the corner, schools preach mental health and self care. But what are they actually doing about it? Do the students have anywhere to go?  “I...

Tigard High School Protest

Tigard High Students Use Their Voice: A Voice You Have Too

Addison Kachnick, Staff Reporter January 5, 2022

An incident involving an offensive social media post fuels the fire of Tigard High school students to make a unified stand against hate speech. A new wave of student protests have become a recent part...

Students dancing in the mosh pit at the homecoming dance

Students Challenge Safety Guidelines at Homecoming Dance

As homecoming comes to an end, this year’s dance attendees challenged the effectiveness of safety guidelines.  If we take a look at the second week of school, Mountainside had its first fire...

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

Dylan Brehm and Rebecca Maritano April 18, 2021

Updated 6/9/21: Ever since the Hybrid option has been introduced, there has been a certain dichotomy in learning. Perhaps even a trichotomy. CDL learners, Hybrid students, and Teachers have had three...

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