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Valerie Beach

Valerie Beach, Human Interest Reporter

Valerie Beach is a goal-driven sophomore who is a new addition to The Peak staff. She has joined The Peak staff in hopes of strengthening her social skills, communication skills, and her confidence. She hopes that her time with The Peak’s staff will guide her in her future career path in the media industry. She wants to pursue a career in the media industry as a sportscaster. Her goals are to be able to talk confidently and publicly about sports which is a passion of hers and that’s why she chose that career path. She is intrigued by humanistic interests and sports. She loves basketball, football, and gymnastics. Beach finds that awareness can be spread on social media platforms and that it’s one way to spread the word about important matters in today’s generation. Other than being fascinated by sports, and the media industry, Beach hopes to travel the world. Some of her ideal vacation spots would be Italy, France, and anywhere in Europe. She admires the beauty of Europe and wants to visit the Eiffel Tower, try European food, and explore the cities. Beach is a bright, goal-oriented, dedicated student who is excited to be involved with the newspaper this year.

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Valerie Beach