Scheming Seniors

It is often said that an integral part of building school tradition and culture is the senior pranks. One last stand against authority, elaborately and meticulously executed by past alumni before diving headfirst into the adult world. What will happen now that these spiritual building blocks have been removed? Why is our mischief being diluted in such a shameless way? Basically: what’s the deal?

Inhibitory rules, such as Principal Corsetti’s stance on senior pranks, may cause strife between him and the senior class. ‘Zero tolerance policy’ is bound to cause some problems, specifically for those of us who like to have fun and wish to relish our last days at Mountainside. Senior Mavericks are divided, with some thinking that the senior gift will be enough to satiate their own memoirs, while others believe that having an individual ‘Senior Gift’ will stunt their own desires for expressing themselves to future students.

It should be part of an educational administration’s job to allow creative freedom to all of its future alumni. Does this rule allow us to express ourselves freely as we should be able to? Personally, I don’t believe so. This vague, yet uncompromising stint of senior expression and freedom is also starting to make other seniors believe the same. Some mischievous mavericks are beginning to grow restless. Spite for authority is rising among soon-to-be alumni.