Maddie Reviews Met Gala


A monochromatic collage of Maddie’s favorite 2023 Met Gala looks.

Alexandra Lipets, Staff Reporter

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year, with criticism and praise pouring in for weeks after. This year, a heavily opinionated critic turned out to be one of our own students: Madeline Rejab. 

Rejab was interviewed about her opinion on the first 50 celebrity outfits from Vogue’s article, “Met Gala 2023 Red Carpet: See Every Celebrity Look, Outfit, and Dress From Last Night”. She had mixed opinions, truly loving a very small amount of outfits (three to be precise) and despising many more. 

“I don’t see a dress, I see crumpled up toilet paper,” was how Rejab described the first look she critiqued, Rihanna’s Valentino dress and cape. Rejab was not pleased with this look, comparing it with not only toilet paper, but also shaving cream. 

Rejab used many comparisons in her critiques, especially in outfits she did not like. Her creativity to come up with these comparisons is one we should all learn from. 

“She looks like a conservative Playboy,” stated Rejab regarding Kendall Jenner’s Marc Jacobs and Wolford bodysuit and cape outfit. This look wais one of the most disliked from the 2023 Met Gala and not only by Rejab. There has been outrage throughout all of social media regarding the “unclassiness” of this look. 

At this extravagant fashion event, some guests went all out, while others came dressed very simply. Rejab did not appreciate the minimal effort that was put into some of the outfits. 

“Boring! Boring!” Rejab said to describe Bradley Cooper, dressed in a plain black suit by Tom Ford. “Literally what my brother wore to my aunt’s wedding.”

In hopes of making their outfits more interesting, some guests’ had many components to them. Although Rejab understood the purpose behind this, she certainly was overwhelmed by some looks. 

“Pete Davidson kind of looks like he tried to rob a Zumiez and just came after that,” said Rejab. She continued, saying he looked like the “urban grim reaper”, but did not understand how his shirt fit into the outfit. Rejab finished critiquing the look by stating, “It looks like when you randomize on the Sims and you just added a coat.”

There were three looks that Rejab truly loved. These were the looks that she believed looked good on the celebrity and were pleasing to the eye. 

“Gigi Hadid’s is one of my favorites,” was Rejab’s first compliment to a 2023 Met Gala look. “I like the different opacities, the fabric, and the pearls. I think this outfit is classy, but different.” This outfit satisfied Rejab’s expectations for the Karl Lagerfield theme, but was also unique.

“I really like Margot Robbie’s,” stated Rejab in response to what would become another one of her favorite looks. “I like the one shoulder and how it’s not traditional since it drapes at the end. I like the skirt and I think this is one where they did the weird cage, chest thing right.” 

For her final, favorite look, Rejab had a quite interesting choice: Jared Leto’s Choupette, costume-like outfit. Choupette was the late Karl Lagerfield’s “designer” cat whom he loved and spoiled greatly. A few Met Gala guests this year paid tribute to Choupette by incorporating her into their outfits, but Leto was by far the most dedicated in this task. 

“Jared Leto’s cat outfit- best outfit of the night, without question,” said Rejab. Although his other outfit, created by Karl Lagerfield himself, was not one of Rejab’s favorites, she had quite a happy response to the Choupette look. “I think it’s so realistic and captivates such emotion within me. You see all these boring people in the back and then look at Jared Leto.”

Maddie Rejab ended with a meaningful quote regarding her beliefs on fashion. “It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. And how much money you have.”