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Kylie Padilla

Kylie Padilla, Design Team & Staff Reporter

Kylie Padilla is a passionate reader and Netflix watcher, and is in the design department. She said she would be interested in design and photography, and wasn’t really sure why she signed up for journalism other than for the credit. Three words she used to describe herself were basic, casual, and trend-follower. Although she comes off very chill and laid-back with her very pop-culture adjacent style, she is actually a very interesting academic! Her favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe, an older writer who is known for his dark old English fiction and poetry. A very interesting pick indeed. Her favorite subject, and strongest skill academically is math, algebra specifically. Despite her interesting academic slate, her music taste contrasts to what you’d expect. Machine Gun Kelly, Nirvana, and many rap artists. She once moved all the way from New Mexico to here in Oregon where she decidedly wants to stay as she grows old. She said she would like to live somewhere along the west coast. When she becomes an adult she says she wants to study in the medical field, in hopes that she will be able to help others. From the way that she talks about it, Padilla seems very compassionate, wanting to channel that empathy into a very intense career. Maybe pediatrics or a nurse. She would bode very well because along with her smarts, she is also socially skilled, and dependant on her group of friends. In the medical field this is a good ability to have.

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Sophia Navarrow

Sophia Navarrow

January 5, 2022
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Kylie Padilla