Sophia Navarrow

Kylie Padilla, Design Team & Staff Reporter

Sophomore Sophia Navarrow would describe herself as introverted and is always adding new additions to her unique style. She enjoys lit and comp, watching tv, hanging out with friends, and giving to the community.


Q: Are you involved in any school activities or clubs here at Mountainside High School? If so, which ones?

A: “Yes! I am in the Key Club. We help the community and can get community service hours.”

Q: What are your goals for the reminder of the school year?

A: “I would like to maintain at least a 3.2 GPA and find a career path I am interested in.” 

Q: What would you say is your greatest academic weakness? Why?

A: “I would say my greatest weakness in school is definitely math. I tend to lose focus often and some things are harder for me to understand.”

Q: What classes do you enjoy the most here at Mountainside High School?

A: “My favorite class would have to be lit and comp. It is my strong suit and I look forward to that class when coming to school.”

Q: What are your hobbies, likes or dislikes?

A: “I like to sing and hangout with my friends. I really like music, animals and accessories with jewelry.”

Q: What coping mechanisms do you resort to when having a bad day?

A: “I tend to get extra sleep and do things I enjoy that make me happy. Things that i’ve me a sense of comfort are doing my makeup, watching tv and talking to my friends.”

Q: What does your perfect day look like?

A: “I would sleep in till about ten and I would complete tasks needed to be done such as making my bed and cleaning my room. I would then do self care such as showering and doing a face mask. I would hangout with some friends and end the day watching a childhood movie like Elf.”

Q: How would you help a friend having a bad day?

A: “I would be there to listen and make them feel as comfortable as possible. I would want to make them feel like they could come talk to me about anything anytime.”

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: “I like to layer my clothing with my favorite colors. I like greens, browns and black and finish the look with eyeliner and lots of jewelry. 

Q: What is your favorite genre of music?

A: “I enjoy listening to alternative and indie music. Most of the songs have very good lyrics and are easy to listen to.”

Q: What is your dream vacation? Why? 

A: “I would love to go to Tokyo because I am interested in asian culture and I think the city is beautiful”