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Sophia Ana Camacho

Sophia Ana Camacho, Staff Reporter

Sophia Camacho is a very independent sophomore who is a part of the Op-Ed department. She grew up on a small island called Saipan, which is about 133 miles north of Guam. She lived there for 15 years until recently moving to the United States this past July. Camacho has many friends and family she can rely on, but if she wanted, she could live without the support of others and be just fine. That independence also ties into why she chose to be in the Op-Ed department. She says that Op-Ed would give her more freedom to write about what she wants and cares about.

Outside of her busy school life, she does many other things. Once she gets home, she studies and does her homework. Then, at around 9:00, she goes to the gym to work out and play basketball afterward. Sophia’s biggest role model is her older brother. She looks up to him because he guides her in life and gives her great advice for the future. He’s very straightforward and has always been there for her. In 10 years, Camacho sees herself working at a law firm and living in a New York City apartment with her dream dog, a dachshund. Part of the reason she chose journalism this year was for her future job. She is very good at talking to people and socializing, which makes this job choice an excellent fit for her.

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Sophia Ana Camacho