Official Word Search Clues


Sophia Ana Camacho, Staff Reporter

Our apologies for the printing error on the crossword puzzle! Below is the list of clues in the correct order. 

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1. when seasonal plants become alive

4. A week-long pause from school in March

6. Growing place for plants and produce

10. A phrase always used by MHS staff or students

11. I have four leaves and am considered lucky

15. Cleaning your home and decluttering at the beginning of spring

17. Holiday in April celebrated with eggs

19. Rays of color that are seen in the sky after a rain shower

21. A small arrangement or bundle of flowers

23. holiday celebrated on March 17

25. April first

27. Animal with cottontail


2. little Irish bearded men that cause mischief

3. Seniors prepare for this in the spring

5. Basketball tournament that happens in Spring

7. home for a bird

8. Easter celebrates the resurrection of who?

9. Showers bring May Flowers

12. when it’s windy, fly a…

13. wear this color so you don’t get pinched

14. fuzzy crawler

16. Mary had a little….

17. laid by a chicken

18. pale color scheme popular in the spring

20. a fluttering monarch

22. Kermit is a…

24. a baby chicken

26. Mountainside’s mascot