Are You Educated On These Topics? 

If not, that’s ok! Here are some resources!


Addie Carman, Design Manager & Staff Reporter

Over the past few months, the fight for equality among minorities has become more widespread, and bringing awareness to these problems, as well as other problems around the world has become more prevalent. 

First of all, the most important step in having an opinion on topics is to research and read about that issue. There are many different websites and resources that will inform readers of those different pressing subjects. Below, there will be links to websites that will inform readers about current topics that are relevant. Many of these links can lead you to make a change from the comfort of your own home!

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement became more prevalent after the unjust murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Many people grouped together to create awareness of not only George Floyd’s death, but the hundreds of other black people who are unjustly murdered.

This spreadsheet has hundreds of resources and petitions to help this cause. Many of which are very simple and easy to follow. 

This organization is called “Know Your Rights Camp”, its main goal is to educate and encourage the next generation about pressing topics. 

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 

Indigenous Peoples day is celebrated on October 12, 2020, ever since 1992. It was created to bring awareness and acknowledgment to the Native population. This was uncoincidentally scheduled to be placed on Columbus Day. Growing up, Christopher Columbus was idolized for discovering America. However, the truth is much worse. Christopher stole the land from the Natives who lived there and caused terror for those people. There isn’t much that we can do to reconcile what he did, though, we should be aware of the true story. 

This is an article about Christopher Columbus and his effect on the Native population. 

The Zinn Education Project. This website has many resources for both teachers and students. The website has a lot of information ranging from protests in the past to petitions to help. There are also teaching lessons for teachers to inform their students about many different events that have happened in and related to the indigenous culture. 

Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation 

With Halloween just past us, it is important to know where the line lands between cultural appropriation and appreciation. Different cultures are beautiful and amazing to observe however if you are not a part of their culture it could be considered disrespectful and a mockery of their culture. In our past, everyone has played a role in cultural appropriation, it is growing from that situation and becoming better that makes the change. 

This article explains every aspect of cultural appropriation and why it needs to be recognized. It also explains questions to ask yourself about cultural appropriation. 

At the end of this article, there is a graphic that walks through different questions to ask to figure out if it is cultural appropriation or appreciation. 


The LGBTQ+ community is very unique and understanding. This community focuses on the fact that everyone is loved and accepted for who they are no matter what. There is a lot of backlash that is guided towards this community that creates hardship in the workplace and their daily lives. 

This article explains every sexuality and different terms and their definitions. 

The Trevor Project was created in order to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ youth who are struggling with their sexuality and suicidal thoughts.