Tears of The Kingdom: Switching into a New Adventure


Grant Viers enjoying TOTK on his Nintendo Switch in class

Nikhil Mehrotra, Freelancer

Recently the highly anticipated video game Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came out. TOTK is a sequel to 2017 Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. 

While BOTW was the series first foray into an open world style of gameplay, devoid of the many dungeon crawling escapades that fans had been used to, people loved these massive changes to the gameplay and world. Now, five years later the sequel has been released and it is looking as good as promised. With graphical and gameplay upgrades, the world is looking as vibrant as ever, with beautiful landscapes to interact with and enjoy.

(Grant Viers enjoying TOTK on his Nintendo Switch)

“If TOTK is anything like BOTW I’m going to be really excited, all the new abilities that they introduced look really good and a great substitute for what BOTW did with the runes. With the new gameplay changes, I can’t wait,” said senior Adam Idris.

Despite the game having just come out, everyone is very excited to try the open world since a lot of hype was build up surrounding the trailers of the game. Previously in BOTW, the world of Hyrule was a vast and mysterious land, full of old, familiar locations from different games, now old and taken over by time and in TOTK trailers this was doubled down on with the reveal of the islands and mysterious forces at play, showing a lot of clear parallels to one of Legend of Zelda’s most beloved games, Skyward Sword. 

“I haven’t played it yet but I have really high expectations. I’m really hoping it’s similar to BOTW with the open world features and gameplay and I’m really looking forward to references to Skyward Sword.” – Cedar Zuijdgeest (10)