Midnight Rain at the Eras Tour — Literally



A collage of Taylor Swift at different moments performing at one of her Eras tour concerts.

Claire Kim, Staff Reporter

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is one of the biggest events in pop culture that’s happening right now. Taylor Swift, multi-Grammy award-winning American singer and songwriter, has kicked off the legendary tour that will forever be a mark on pop culture history. 

Swift has a huge fanbase. The total of the three show nights in Nashville reached nearly 212,000 Swifties who attended. The Eras Tour includes Swift performing songs from all ten of her albums, from her iconic debut, Tim McGraw, to her latest song on her newest album, Mastermind, complete with back-up dancers, quick outfit changes, and special stage effects. However, the Nashville concert on May 7th definitely stood out from the others with one particular factor — rain. 

Because of weather conditions, the show was delayed four hours. Usually, the show would start at around 6:30 p.m., but Nashville started after 10 p.m. Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams, both of who were planning to open the show, didn’t get to play at all. Nevertheless, Swifties were ready to sing and dance the night away, especially excited for the song Midnight Rain, since Swift would be singing in literal midnight rain. “I thought it was very ironic and funny. I thought it was perfect.” said sophomore Swiftie Lacey Russelle.

Midnight Rain lyrics “He was sunshine, I was midnight rain” flawlessly captured the show, and with the downpour, Swift’s natural curls came out to play. As the night drew to a close, the artist made the long-awaited announcement that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) would be released on July 7th. Many Swifties had been anticipating the re-recording of Speak Now, Swift’s third album. Swift’s Instagram post announcing the album currently has over ten million likes. “Her hair was curly, and when she announced Speak Now TV, it all came full circle.” continued Russelle. 

The Nashville show finally came to an end past 1:30 a.m. “It really showed what she’s like as an artist. Most artists would delay, but she went up and played til like 2:00 a.m. I admire her for that, and she was able to make fun out of it.” said sophomore Swiftie Ramona Washburn Dolson. 

It’s safe to say that the Nashville rain didn’t stop Swift or Swifties from having a blast. “We love you so much, we will never forget this night. And the fact that you stayed for us, the fact that you gave us everything you had. We love you so much, Nashville!” Swift told the crowd with evident joy before the closing song, Karma. 

May 7th’s Nashville show merely proves that both Swift and her Swifties can turn an otherwise rainy night into a night no one would forget.