Deal With It

It’s technically been Christmas season for two weeks.

Zoe Ives

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Deal With It

It’s that time of year again. Lights popping up all around town, whispers of snow days sprinkled around, and jolly music blasting on the radio. But this last source of cheer brings up one of the most important questions of the holiday season: when is it okay to start listening to Christmas music? 

I’ve heard answers ranging from “Never” to “Um I started listening in July,” and while those may be the extremes they’re still an accurate representation of people’s holiday emotions. I feel that Christmas music needs to stay in December, but can occasionally be allowed during the week of Thanksgiving. 

The thing is if you start listening to Christmas music in the first week of November that is all that will be on your mind. Poor Thanksgiving gets pushed aside. It’s given no love. Think about it. As soon as Halloween ends, *BOOM* Christmas decorations go up everywhere. Not acceptable.

Thanksgiving deserves to be recognized, despite its controversial history. All I am saying is be a little more considerate of how Thanksgiving will feel the next time you plug your iPhone 11 into your car and hit that Christmas playlist at 7:15 on the morning of November 1st. 

Oh, and happy holidays Mavericks!