Readjusting Back to School


Zoe Ives, News

The world has been thrown a curveball. In the past few weeks, several people’s lives have been impacted and their routines changed. There has been sadness, anger, and fear. But, there has also been de-stressing, family bonding, and hope. Everyone is trying to find the good in the bad and to make the most of an unfortunate situation. Schools across the country and world are trying to provide some of this positivity for students and families by offering their support and a chance to get back part of their routine. 

At Mountainside High School the hallways have been deserted and athletics postponed. Numerous students have been emotionally hurt by what is happening and, for seniors, how their high school career is ending. 

Mountainside is trying to keep these students’ spirits high. Teachers and Mr. Corsetti have sent out frequent updates offering to listen to the students’ feelings and providing information on the school’s plan of action. Currently, the school is in “Phase 2” which is said to be where students can start to adjust to online learning and reconnect with teachers through Zoom meetings. The next step is “Phase 3” which is to start tomorrow, April 13th; this will include more engaged learning and assignments that count towards a student’s grade. On April 8th, Governor Brown made the final decision to close schools for the remainder of the school year.

The school and parents recognize that this is not the easiest adjustment, especially for teachers who love seeing students, and students who enjoy being in a classroom environment. Thankfully, Mountainside is here to help and encourage students to finish the school year strong. 

Here are some tips that might make the transition to online education easier and keep one’s spirits high: 

Start creating a routine for yourself now.

Not every teacher has given an assignment or scheduled a Zoom meeting every day. Student’s schedules are not as full as they were a few weeks ago. Keeping up a daily routine can help make sure when everything goes back to normal you will be prepared. Try setting an alarm to wake up in the morning so that you’re not sleeping till noon. Maybe set aside a few hours a day to go on a walk, do a project or read. 

Keep an eye on your mental health. 

These are stressful times and not being able to hang out with friends or go on a hike or to the beach, doesn’t help. It’s important to find things to do in order to keep yourself busy, even if it’s an all-day movie marathon. Find ways to communicate with friends through social media or FaceTime. Participate in family activities like walks around the neighborhood or game night. Be honest with how you are feeling and find a safe person to talk to. We are all in the same boat right now.

Do some self-care. 

Take time to care for yourself, especially now that you have the ability to do so. Whether it’s a face mask and a nice hot bath or going for a 3-mile run, find something that will help you feel better inside and out. It’s highly important that we are taking care of our bodies right now and not just loading up on junk, even if it might be tempting.

Look at the environmental positives that are happening right now. 

It is obvious that mother nature has faced struggles in the last few years and was showing the need for a reset. With everyone staying home and limited traffic, the waterways and skies are seeing some positive impacts. Take this opportunity to realize that you can make a difference in the environment and that your actions affect more than just you. 

Keep your mind engaged.

Right now, not being in a full-time school environment means that several people are letting their minds turn into mush. One day the world will return to normal and trust me, you will want your brain functioning. Try reading a book or even short articles online about a topic that interests you. When school resumes in the fall, you do not want to be struggling to get adjusted for weeks. 


As many of Mountainside’s teachers and coaches have stated, “this sucks”. It is difficult to put a positive twist on the current situation. It is hard for seniors to say goodbye to the last four years of high school like this. It is hard for athletes to lose their entire season, especially when it’s their last. But, it will be okay. The community has to believe that in the end, something good will come from this. While the country and world may be far from finding the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there.