New Music

Joshua Berk, Arts and Entertainment

Over the break, Canadian Pop/R&B singer The Weeknd began his most recent album rollout with two new singles, Heartless and Blinding Lights. On both tracks, The Weeknd’s famed vocals take a back seat to the production. The first track Heartless marks the return of legendary producer Metro Boomin, and Blinding Lights features a new synth-heavy sound for the artist.


Over the weekend the long-awaited sequel to Disney’s cult classic Frozen hit theatres preceded by quite possibly the most confusing soundtrack ever conceived. The soundtrack consists of seven original songs, the return of Reindeers are Better Than People, and most importantly three covers of songs on the album. What makes these covers stand out are the performers behind them: Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, and Kacey Musgraves. Needless to say, your money would be well spent on a ticket to this movie, if only to stick around for these three revolutionary covers during the credits. 


If the words “Coldplay released an entire album that is actually pretty good” get you excited, this was probably a good weekend for you. If you are reasonably disappointed by seeing that phrase in 2019, it might be worth checking out the two new songs by The Weeknd and the interesting soundtrack for Frozen 2. Overall a relatively slow month for music, Coldplay’s comeback story is at the very least not the most boring story of the month.