The Effects of Online Schooling On Students


Students doing their best to stay focused at home while engaged in CDL.

Jett Gomez, Human Interest Reporter

Due to the unexpected global pandemic, teaching students from the computer has become normal. Students have had to learn from the safety of their own homes and be taught by teachers via a group meeting service named Zoom. But with the sudden transition from in person classes to online classes, have the students been impacted? Has their ability to learn been affected in any way? Many students complain about being in person for school, now we get to sleep in and work from our own homes.. IIsn’t this perfect?

History of pandemic

Our school shut down for quarantine happened on March 13th. When it began, most of us were happy for any chance to skip school and stay home. We all thought it would be a quick 2-3 week quarantine. It has been nearly a year of quarantine. And spending a year told to stay in your own home with little to no social interaction has taken a toll on the students and teachers of Mountainside high school

Effects on students

When the first quarantined summer came to pass, students would get their first real taste of online schooling. When asked how online schooling was going for them, Joey Armstrong replied “In general, Online school has been pretty bad for me. Finding an almost new way to live. For a while I was just in complete isolation of my friends and became very depressed.” 

A senior who wishes to remain anonymous also feels like school is going badly. Additionally, they feel overwhelmed with the workload.It’s frustrating whenever teachers are like “‘you guys should go outside today”’ but how can we when they just assigned us a load of homework to do again. There’s never ending homework and it’s getting to the point where it’s unbearable.”

However, this is not the case for all students. There are some students who seem to find online schooling enjoyable. Anna Kim said that online schooling for her has been great “I feel that with online learning I’m getting my work done more efficiently, since I can work at my own speed.” 

But why? Why do some people seem to focus MORE at their homes while some seem to be unable to focus? Is it dependent on the person? The environment? The amount of social interaction or lack thereof?

The environment has an effect on the students ability to learn. Of the 76 students surveyed, a majority have stated that the home environment has affected their ability to learn. Additionally, many students feel that online schooling has affected them mentally.  “Not having a separation between school and home so it feels like I can be lazy all the time.” A Junior who wishes to remain anonymous said.

 I can also confirm this being at home has been INCREDIBLY Distracting due to the fact that I feel Home is a place I am supposed to get away from work/school. It’s your own private place to just do what you want. The intrusion of school makes it hard to focus because I am trying to mix school work in an environment where I feel I am supposed to be free of school work.


It is clear to see that online school, while having some good parts, has proven to be difficult for many students. We are struggling with the system that is in place. I can’t really blame the faculty because the system had to be rushed by an unexpected virus.

 If this must continue into next year, the system must be changed.