Cosette Arnoldsen


Courtesy of Cosette Arnoldsen

Arnoldsen playing basketball.

Valerie Beach, Human Interest Reporter

One of our newcomers to Mountainside, freshman Cosette Arnoldsen, has had an interesting life so far. From french fries and dogs, to turquoise-blue and basketball, Arnoldsen has a various range of favorite things.

When asked to describe herself in three words, she had very thoughtful responses. “I’d probably say athlete as one of them, friendly and outgoing”. She definitely isn’t wrong about the outgoing part. As a young girl, Arnoldsen did many adventurous things that even some adults don’t have the guts to do. Parasailing being one of them. 

“It was a surprisingly smooth ride, I thought it was gonna be like you get yanked up into the air but you’re just basically sitting in this harness with a parachute and it’s way calmer and quiet up in the air,” said Arnoldsen. As an eight year old, that can be a terrifying experience. But imagine being even younger, and doing something equally as scary. 

“We used to live in Florida and my dad worked for Disney so we’d go to the Disney water parks,” said Arnoldsen. “We went on this one ride called Summit Plummet. Summit Plummet is basically a slide that goes straight down. It slowly comes down and flattens out, but you get some air time on it.” Arnoldsen was very intimidated by this ride, but her parents were the ones who convinced her to go on it and she definitely doesn’t regret it.

Outside of the adventurous part of Arnoldsen’s life, she has recently started taking on new activities due to the pandemic. “Well I learned how to crochet and I taught my dogs tricks.” So far she’s crotched many stuffed animals such as owls, giraffes, foxes, and whales. An activity that was less available during COVID-19 was basketball. But during quarantine she was able to practice more. “I’m able to play basketball more competitive[ly] than I did before COVID.” Currently, Arnoldsen is on the JV women’s basketball team.

Now you have three and a half more years to get to know freshman Cosette Arnoldsen.