Coming Soon: Theater Openings

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Rebecca Maritano, Staff Reporter

As more things around Oregon slowly get back to normal, movie theaters are now open with limited capacity and restrictions. 

Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, announced that indoor activities like gyms and movie theaters would reopen with a limited capacity starting January 29th 2021. Many theaters around Oregon are closing for good due to a lack of business during Covid-19. However local movie theaters have reopened. Century 16 Eastport, Century 16 Cedar Hills and AMC to name a few.

The covid restrictions make the movie theater experience look a little different this year. Prior to coming to a show guests have to pre-order their tickets online or through the theater’s mobile app. Guests must wear a mask and stay socially distanced from everyone except who they came with. Buying food at the theaters will be mostly done with cards versus cash. Getting your own drinks and condiments will no longer be an option. 

A new viewing opportunity has been added where you can rent a private theater. According to AMC’s website, guests can rent their own theatre either for themselves or for a group of up to 20 people. Prices start at $99 but can go up depending on what movie you wanna watch and if it’s new or old. This option allows for an easy personal hangout with friends, or a comfortable opportunity for people who want to keep an extra amount of distance but still want to enjoy the theater experience. Century 16 offers a similar option. 

The CDC recommends that before you go out to see a movie you think about some important factors to keep you and others around you safe. They say if you have been exhibiting symptoms, have come into contact with someone who has/had covid, or are at high risk that you stay at home.