Noises off: A play full of laughter and confusion.

Noises off: A play full of laughter and confusion.

Noises off: A play full of laughter and confusion. 


Lights, Camera, Action! School productions are back with an award-winning comedy, Noises Off, that everyone can enjoy. 

Noises Off by Michael Frayn is a farce comedy about a play within a play. “It is widely regarded as one of, if not, the funniest play ever written. Anybody can find something to enjoy in this play,” said Kevin Goff, the director of Noises OffThere will be upcoming performances on November 5-6th & 11-13th at 7pm including a Saturday matinee on November 6th at 2pm. 

“Being that we’re also coming out of a pandemic, I figured that it would be nice to have something that would make people just laugh,” said Goff. 

Having this be the first play performing since Covid-19, there will be some restrictions for the safety of the actors and audience; the first four rows will not be accessible, all actors need to wear a mask if not vaccinated, and a whole group of under-studies is getting prepared. 

For those who want to be involved, the theater has backstage jobs such as tech crew, set builders, and costume designers. “How it starts from nothing, and then it becomes this living breathing thing, that is a contribution of every single person that is a part of the cast crew,” said Goff. 

It’s a play no one wants to miss, everybody should be there. 


 Visit the Mountainside drama website to purchase tickets