Abbigale Smith

Watsyn Tibbetts, Staff reporter

Abbigale Smith is an adventurous sophomore with the world at her fingertips. She enjoys traveling around the world and has been to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Even though she is a native English speaker, out of all the places she’s traveled to Mexico was her favorite. “I enjoyed it because I was able to understand the Spanish”. 

Smith dearly values  family. She has a 19-year-old full sister whose name is Ellie and attends Grand Canyon University. Along with her step brother Noah and sister, whose name is also Ellie. They both live in Boring, Oregon. When she visits her step siblings she is surrounded by an abundance of animals. From a cat named Toaster, two dogs named Charlie, a puppy named Tinker Bell, to a fair amount of chickens and ducks. 

 For school, she is on the soccer team. “My sister and my mom played it which piqued my interest, from there on it was the only sport I was interested in”. For the future she aspires to be a midwife. “I’ve had some family in the medical field and I like being around babies so it kind of just fell into my lap”. 

Her guilty pleasures include her favorite food, chicken nuggets, and watching Grey’s Anatomy religiously. She also indulges in country music, specifically her favorite artist, Morgan Wallen. 

Overall Smith is a classic teenager living life to the fullest.