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Clara Ferrer-Perry, Breaking News, Photo Editor

Prom is a hot topic in December for anyone in the last leg of high school. The theme is being chosen and no one knows exactly what to expect from the prom committee. The pressure is building and according to seniors Camryn Fink and Katy Alonzo, people are going to be mad if the prom falls through.

“At first, I thought it was just some big fancy dance where you had to know how to dance. After my siblings went through high school I found out it was just a more expensive homecoming,” said Fink, “between this and the Grad Night, they’re doing a lot of fundraising and planning and it’s been three years, so it better be good.”

Kate Svitelska, also a senior, felt differently, stating, “I have no expectations because I’ve never really thought about it. From what I’ve learned, each prom is different.”

Recently a poll was released asking people what they’d like the theme to be. People are not timid in their opinions and are really shooting for something memorable.

“I said the Great Gatsby, vintage, and ballroom,” Alonzo listed her ideas off, counting one on each finger. Fink was quick to say she had pitched the Gatsby as a theme as well. “I’m waiting for the theme to pick out my dress. I haven’t had a single idea for a dress.”

Svitelska also replied to Gatsby, though she also seemed keen on the themes “Amsterdam and Russian Spies.” She continued by saying, “A Russian spy theme would prompt me to throw some Adidas on.”

The prom is important to people. People are likely to splurge on their dresses and go out to fancy dinners. Even the theme needs to be taken seriously to make the night truly unforgettable.

“You don’t have anything like it until graduation,” said Fink. 

“It’s like your last hurrah,” Alonzo agreed.

Another thing being discussed is the possibility of it being a senior-only prom. People aren’t sure exactly what that would entail, but it is still being talked about around school. 

Opinions in the school are split, but Fink had something to say, supporting the idea to exclude juniors. “I really like that idea.  I like it being senior only.” 

“It’s like something that you earned.” Alonzo agreed with Fink.

“I think it would be a good way of managing the amount of drama that could happen due to seniority and upperclassmen disliking underclassmen,” Svitelska told me, voicing her own thoughts.

When asked what the seniors would like the committee to focus on the most, the answer was instant.

“Pick good music and actually listen to us,” Fink answered.

There are many questions hanging in the air. What’s the theme? How much effort will be put into it? Will juniors be allowed? Answers will be uncovered in time, but for now, all we can do is hope. Hope and make our opinions known. If we want to make this prom one of the best nights of our high school lives we need to take action.

Keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to take the reins Mavs.


Update 12/21/2019: Since the publishing of this article, Erik Reinholt, Leadership teacher and MHS Activities Director has clarified some information.We regret the errors. 

One big question among juniors and seniors was whether juniors would be allowed to buy tickets to Prom. “It has been decided through polls and our student council with Advisory reps that it will be a senior [only] prom.” 

This is good news for some and bad news for others. Fortunately for seniors with a date from a different grade, anyone from freshman year to the age of 20 can be invited to prom by a Senior.

The theme still has yet to be decided for May 2nd’s dance, but two polls have already been sent out and, “Seniors can expect a third poll sometime after winter break.”

Another concern for Seniors was on the subject of music. While there are still no concrete answers, the question as to who will be in charge of the music has been answered. “Leadership does not decide music at dances. Leadership helps to set-up Instagram polls that DJs look at to help guide their selections.”

Reinholt says students should also be assured that Leadership is, “taking all voices into consideration to make sure this prom is an extremely memorable and fantastic experience. I will promise the venue is amazing and a superb location for students to share a final dance experience.”