Helpful College Information

Karina Nahill, Daily News

Here’s to the seniors who are struggling with finding information about colleges and applications, and to the Juniors finding out what they want to do or starting to figure out where they want to go. Been there done that, here’s some helpful information for you. 


The college visits are posted on canvas on the calendar for Mountainside High Students. If you go to announcements there will usually be information and dates on different college opportunities coming up. The rep visits and meetings for college help usually end before thanksgiving break so hopefully, you had a chance to have a look at those.


For information or questions you have about college or applying or financial aid visit

     College and Career center provides:

  • College Admissions Counselor visits
  • Career speaker visits
  • College Readiness Workshops
  • Career Readiness Workshops
  • Drop-in help and support 

You have an option to make an account with the counselor community. Once you log in to the Counselor Community you will be able to view detailed college and high school profiles, post news about your institution, and you will be able to search for and connect with colleagues.

Look on the college board for more information on SAT and ACT scores as well as more help with college planning like with scholarship opportunities, and help to search for more scholarships. It also offers practice ACT and SAT tests to prepare you for the test and up your chances for a higher score.

-Information for financial aid is also accessible on websites like and and has information such as how to apply for aid, who gets the aid, what kinds of aid are available, how to apply and how to pay back your loans. As well as providing an early estimate of how much financial aid you can get and your chances and eligibility to get financial aid as a federal student

-Information and insight on scholarships for colleges are also on websites such as,, For public scholarship resources. It gives you an estimate of how much a full-time full-year enrollment may end up costing.

I spoke with some of the counselors down at the college and career center and Jacy Jukkala says she gets at least 250 kids, if not more, asking her about college info, the most asked questions she says she gets are “How do I apply? What do I need to apply or to be eligible to possibly get in? Things about financial aid and how to pay and apply for it.” Mrs. Jukkala tells these kids who are asking all these questions, first go to the resources on the Mountainside website, then to look through the website of the specific colleges they are looking at. Any unanswered questions they still have, bring your Chromebook in and your counselor will help you find what you need to get them answered and help you through it.

Some common college websites for Oregon schools: or Sylvania campus