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Jude Wilson

Jude Wilson, Editorial Board

Jude Wilson is a senior in the Arts and Entertainment department. Jude chose to be in this department because he has more of an interest in entertainment than weighty subjects, such as politics. When Jude has spare time, he enjoys playing video games and sketching. Sketching is something that Jude not only enjoys doing but is talented in. One of Jude's biggest role models is Bob Ross. Jude admires Bob Ross because of how calm, friendly, and creative he is. As for Jude's personal A&E favorites, his preferred music to listen to is Punk Rock and Grudge Rock, and one of his favorite bands is AFI. Action movies like Star Wars and Spider-Man are Jude's favorite to watch. In Journalism, Jude hopes to write about subjects he enjoys, as well as practice on becoming a better writer.

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Jude Wilson