The Mandalorian Review – “This is the Way”

Jude Wilson, Editorial Board

With Season 2 of The Mandalorian currently streamable on Disney+, Now would be the perfect time to recommend it for you to watch, even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan.

The Mandalorian is a story about the lone bounty hunter referred to as The Mandalorian. A human is taken into the warrior clan of the Mandalorians after being orphaned as a boy. After taking a series of odd-jobs he eventually finds the small Yoda-looking creature referred to as The Kid who The Mandalorian takes care of after the bounty hunting mission goes wrong. The Mandalorian now travels the Galaxy with the kid in order to find the place where the kid belongs while on the run from other bounty hunters trying to kill him and get the kid. 

The Mandalorian is an interesting show compared to other pieces of Star Wars media. It is very simplistic and formulaic in nature and less reference heavy compared to movies and cartoons. While at the same time also has an interesting story that can still captivate you and keep you invested in the characters and story. Due to this nature, it can be easily accessible for those not knowledgeable or huge fans of Star Wars as the story is relatively simple to understand without the movies in mind. 

In terms of presentation, The Mandalorian hits the mark as both set and creature designs are spot on in terms of keeping you immersed in the world it establishes. The decals are varied from lava planets, sand planets, or even sea-based docking planets. The creature and character designs in the series like that of the main character of The Mandalorian have an interesting take on designs previously established in Star Wars while at the same time being unique and iconic in their own right.

In terms of storytelling, Season 1 of Mandalorian is more focused on establishing characters and plot points for the series, as such the episodes are more story-focused and planet/location traveling is a lot more to a minimum in this season. Despite that Season 1’s more episodic approach doesn’t seem to slow the series down as both the story and character motives are presented and shown at a fast enough rate for someone to understand and get by the time the episode ends. Season 1 can be predictable in certain areas but even with having that in mind, it won’t stop you from being invested in the story and enjoying the characters.

Season 2 is interesting compared to Season 1, as of writing this, only six episodes have been released out of eights, so some opinions may be subject to change but Season 2 has been the series best so far. Without spoiling too much of the current season, Season 2 takes The Mandalorian to various new locations compared to Season 1 where he meets new friends, foes, and even two returning characters from the series that hardcore fans might get a kick out of. Season 2’s pace feels more adventurous and fast compared to the first while still keeping the episodic feel to it but with more varied planets, characters, and stories that will keep you invested for the whole ride.

Season 1 and 2 of The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+ and is highly recommended for those wanting a good Star Wars to show or a fun sci-fi adventure story.

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