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Danielle Taschioglou

Danielle Taschioglou, A & E Reporter

Danielle Taschioglou is a passionate sophomore who is apart of the arts and entertainment team. This is her first year of journalism and is looking forward to learning and writing about current events. She is looking forward to writing articles in a non-biased stance because it is, “good practice to be a calm negotiator”. Drawing is another passion of hers, Danielle loves to go to the park with her best friends and hang with her cats Keesha and Gooey. The musicians that tickle her pickle are artists such as, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, The Neighborhood, and JMSN. She dislikes songs that are repetitive and or with too much autotune. In the future, Danielle wants to be a film director, similar to a person who she looks up to, Quentin Tarantino. Her favorite movie directed my Quentin Tarantino is Kill Bill.

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Danielle Taschioglou