Blake Thune

Jacob Laff, Staff Reporter

Blake Thune grade 11, or number 15 on the court, has a major presence at this school. Thune is involved in two clubs and is a point/shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. Although Thune is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet, he is never satisfied with his 3.87 GPA and plays a key role on the varsity basketball team. He has much bigger goals for his future.

“After high school, I want to hoop in college, after that, I want to coach after I play for as long as I can” 

Thune is a big dreamer, when asked where he wants to play college ball he quickly stated Duke University without any hesitation. Thune has been a diehard Duke fan his whole life because of his aunt who attended Duke and his dad who has also been a long time fan. 

Thune has big dreams. He has told me multiple times that his goal is to go to college for free on an athletic scholarship, and continue his athletic career into the pro leagues. When it’s all said and done Thune wants to retire close to a golf course and practice his golf swing every day.   Thune intends to do everything in his power to make those dreams a reality. When asked what his fall back options were if he were not to continue his basketball career after highschool, he said, “I have no idea.”

Other than basketball Thune has other points of interest including multiple clubs. “Before and after the basketball season I was/will be in DECA and last year I was in the chess club.”

Thune is also a very family oriented person. He likes to spend most of his time outside of school with his family or his close friends. He enjoys watching weekly Survivor episodes with his family, and going out to eat with friends, Thune also likes to watch movies, golf, and play videogames with his friends in his free time. 

“Blake has always been my accountability buddy, he always makes sure I’m doing the right things on and off the court and that is why he is such a presence at this school because he is always helping everyone around him.” Jaylin Ormond, number 23.