Bridog’s Catalog

Brian Nguyen, Guest Comic

The Peak staff presents a new series by sophomore Brian Nguyen. An artist who makes pieces about relatable things in life that also has some elements of humor in it. Wholesome, simple humor.

“A Special Moment” – April 27, 2021


“New Look” – April 8, 2021


March 31, 2021: HW Buddies. Brian & Aliza reflect on how they work together.


March 14, 2021: Spring emotions
Chian represents everything perfectly. Chian was a combined name from “chibi”, Japanese for “little,” and my name “Brian”.


March 6, 2021: Cat or Fox



March 3, 2021: Fox Vibes
March 3, 2021: Inspiration for Artists
March 3, 2021: My views of Music
February 12, 2021: The 5 Stages of Taking a Language Class