GSA Club

Maddie Mitchell, Staff Reporter

Gay-Sexuality-Alliance or GSA Club has made an impact by recognizing the LGBTQ+ community. This year, the club had the most student sign ups since they started back in 2017. “We have about 25 people attend our meetings on average. It was a complete shock to me how many people signed up at the club fair, though. I had made a sign up sheet with 40 slots for names. By the end, we had about 100 people who had signed up,” said Alex Montz, Co-President of GSA. 

With the drastic difference in the amount of people joining this year, there was a lot of consideration into what the club was going to look like. “We want to be more involved this year. We hope to do some school-wide lessons, or put together fundraisers for LGBTQ+ causes,” said Montz. This collaborative group has created a platform to pursue endless impacts.

 “Our club is a great opportunity to show queer students that they’re not alone- and I think that’s executed excellently. The GSA is almost like a family, we all understand how it feels to be cast aside because of who we’re attracted to or what we identify with, and that has made us closer. I’ve made so many friends through this safe space we’ve created!” said Bethany Higham. They joined GSA this year and continue to go to each meeting. 

Their plans are only beginning. From November 8th-19th the club had held a MHS pride apparel fundraiser selling shirts and sweaters.“We sold about 92 shirts, but rounded up to 100 so we have a few extra. We’re also planning on doing a second round of sales a few weeks into the new year,” Montz goes on to say. For now, the profits are going to the GSA club, but after the second round of selling pride shirts, they will be donating their benefits to an undecided organization.

“In GSA, there are many different people with different personalities, backgrounds, and interests. I really love GSA because it’s a place where everyone can come together, no matter their differences, because of one common part of their identity.” added Montz. With the club still open, others are always welcome to join the diverse and fun community. 


Club meeting days: Every Tuesday

Club room: Lecture Hall 

Club contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @Mountainsidegsa