Period @ Mountainside

Maddie Mitchell, Staff Reporter

Period @ Mountainside is a new club that started this year with a meaningful mission behind it. President, Asha Mohan, founded this club after discovering PERIOD, a student-run, Oregon-based organization. The PERIOD organization seeks to eradicate period poverty. Period @ Mountainside has the goal to help raise awareness to the inequalities that people with periods face and to help stop the stigma in our community.

The club meets every 2nd and 4th of the month, with an average of six students going to each meeting. “I thought it was so cool to have a club where we can feel comfortable enough to talk about periods and invite people to get involved in issues surrounding them,” said Emilia Rivera, a senior who has been consistently attending each meeting. Rivera discovered the club through her little sister Camilla and found great interest. She wanted to understand period poverty and has been a committed member of the club since. 

“It is exciting for me to connect with people about the topic,”  said Asha Mohan. Within this passionate and dedicated club there have been many goals they are excited to pursue. “I wanted to start a chapter here,” continued Mohan. Starting a club alone in the beginning of the year was a new challenge for Mohan, one she didn’t expect to become easy very fast. “When it came to the club fair I didn’t expect so many people to be interested in the club,” Mohan went on. Taking a leap of faith with PERIOD @ Mountainside was a goal that was achieved by not only Mohan but every member a part of it.

From February 7th to 11th the club will be hosting a Bracelet Fundraiser. Consisting of 34 beads, the bracelet is a symbol, with 28 white beads to represent the average menstrual cycle, 5 red beads to represent average menstruation, and 1 black bead to represent a period or the period inequity.“We want to provide for others in our community especially for those where it is difficult to get menstrual products,” said Mohan. The bracelets will be selling for three dollars a piece. They’ll be sold bucket-style all day during school. All of the proceeds will go towards putting high-quality menstrual products in both women and gender neutral bathrooms around the school. 

Period @ Mountainside strives to make an impact at the high school and encourages others to become involved and spread awareness about period inequity. The club is always open for others to join; within minutes of coming to the meeting, you will always be met with a thriving and energetic environment. This club’s determination and passion embody what a true Maverick is.