Owen Brown

Rebecca Maritano, Staff Reporter

There are many different students walking around the halls of Mountainside, let’s meet one.  

Owen Brown is a senior at Mountainside who would describe himself as “a hard-working, helpful, short individual.” Fun fact about him, he can type 75 words per minute with 98% accuracy. Can you beat that? 

Outside of school, Brown works at Subway. He started in June 2019 and in August 2021 was promoted to assistant manager, which is a big accomplishment. He loves encouraging everyone he meets to visit him at Subway. 

He is also a part of the production team at his church, Westside: A Jesus Church. The group is in charge of all production responsibilities, including lighting, audio, cameras and visuals. “I have been running visulas for the past six years and I enjoy being a part of an amazing team.” 

Brown’s dad would always come to him when he had technical questions. “I became more intentionally aware of the production process that took place every Sunday at my church.” Brown soon later started volunteering with his church weekly. 

After graduating this year, Owen is planning on pursuing business and design at Portland State University. High school is ending very soon for seniors so take this next semester as an opportunity to get to know some of them.